WOD Friday, April 19

How to Kill a Goat!


No worries we are not talking real goats.  We are talking about that skill in CrossFit that makes you want to avoid the box.  It could be a skill that you just hate, one that you suck at, or perhaps both!  Goats will very for every individual and every athlete.  An athlete may feel as though they have several goats.  Whatever it is, when you see it show up on the blog you think to yourself, “What is so bad about skipping one day!?”

Instead of running from your goat you need to kill it and you do that by not running away from it.  If your 400m run time is slower than my grandfather walking down a flight of stairs, stop skipping the day that 400m runs are in a workout. If you see burpees posted in a workout and you think that queasiness in your stomach means you have the stomach flu, don’t do everyone else in the gym a favor by not coming in because you don’t want to get anyone else sick. We are already sick…of you making excuses!  You need to ATTACK your goat. Instead of trying to figure out how to avoid your goat – grab that goat by the neck, shake it hard and kill that sucker!  Your goal should be to become a certified goat killer!

So how do we do this?!  How do we become GOAT killers.  First you need to be honest with yourself and identify the skills that make you grimace when you see them in a WOD.  Write those skills down in your journal, identify ways to work on these skills.  Ask a trainer what steps you can take to get stronger at your goats. And then you need to COMMIT to killing that little bastard!  One’s ability to kill a goat is a great judge of one’s character. It’s easy to stand up to the goat and tell everyone how you are going to kill it. Unfortunately, it’s even easier to realize that killing the goat is going to take some hard work so you make no effort in killing the goat after a few weeks, maybe even days.  Just talking about killing your goat and not actually doing it is like hanging out at the petting zoo.  So get outta of the petting zoo, stop feeding your goat kibbel, and kill that bastard!


30 ground to overhead (135/95)


Double Unders
Sit Ups