WOD Wednesday, March 27


CrossFit is known for being a fitness program  that often leaves its athletes on their back in pure exhaustion post workout.  There is even a word for this, bacon sizzle, meaning when someone rolls around post-wod, unable to find a comfortable position because each one just has a different pain associated with it.  Some CFers may even argue that  ‘you’re not doing it right if you don’t end up rolling around on the ground like a piece of frying bacon.’  At Connex, we don’t let you guys recover from a grueling WOD on your back.  There is an outstanding CFer over in Europe, Miko Salo (worth looking up if you do not know who he is, BEAST!)  In his documentary he points out that “I once read an article about it: when animals surrender they go lying on their back. From then on I decided I would never go lying on my back. It’s a sign of weakness and surrendering. I’m never lying on my back.”  This attitude is one that Connex has encouraged from day 1!   No matter how hard your workout was, you are always stronger then your WOD.   When you call time, be proud of what you accomplished, stand tall and let everyone know that you crushed that WOD, the WOD will never crush you!  

WOD- TBA : )