WOD Wednesday, March 20


CrossFit:  Training for the Unknown and Unknowable

Today they will be announcing 13.3 of the Open Games.  CrossFit has invited  two stellar athletes, Kristin Clever and Talayana Fortunato to come and complete this WOD live for the entire nation to watch.  You would assume that these athletes are told the WOD when they are asked to compete in the live broadcast, but they don’t.  They are finding out this WOD right there with us.  These athletes have trained for months for the Open and for the Games with no real idea of what exactly they will be asked to do.  CrossFit prides itself in that it is a training program that trains athletes for the unknown and unknowable, and todays live broadcast is a perfect example.

So what exactly does it mean to train for the unknown and unknowable.  It means that you are training to help prepare yourself for anything and everything that you may encounter in life.  At Connex we often post the WODs the night before, allowing our athletes to mentally prepare for the workout the next day.  Although many of us look forward to knowing the WOD and rest easier having an idea of what is in store for the following day, there is a down side to this.   Some athletes may find themselves coming in when they see that it is a WOD that plays to their strength, and skipping a WOD that involves a weakness.  If we skip workouts that we do not like then we are not embodying what it truly means to be a CFer.  We are no longer training for the unknown and unknowable and instead we are training for what we are already good at and what we enjoy doing.  If you have a weakness (and I know we all do) then that is something you should be working on.  The WODs that scare you because they involve a skill you are still working on or a lift that seems to be lagging behind should be seen as an opportunity to improve yourself and to excel.

No matter the WOD, just like the two athletes tonight, come prepared to work hard and tackle your WOD with the very best effort you have.   This relentless effort and courage to step up to every challenging WOD you see will only better prepare you for the day life throws you a curve ball.

photo 1

5 thrusters
20 Bar hop burpees
10 thrusters
15 bar hop burpees
15 thrusters
10 Bar hop burps
20 thrusters
5 bar hop burpees