WOD Wednesday, March 13


The dreaded time off!

We have all had to take the dreaded time off for one reason or another.  Perhaps it was travel, injury, or a busy schedule, but whatever the reason we were not able to maintain our normal training schedule.  In some ways some time off can be a good thing.  It allows our bodies and mind to reset and recharge.  Although during this time we often feel weak, lazy and out of shape, it can often result in us coming back feeling refreshed and fully recovered from all the hard training we put it through as CFers.  The time off also lets us mentally refocused on our training.  It often leaves missing our training and looking forward to getting back at it.

Often the hardest part of taking some time off, is starting back up again.  That first WOD back in the gym quickly reminds you of where you were before the time off and can leave you frustrated.  But don’t be.  You have not lost all of your gains and with maintaining your regular schedule you will see those gains come back quickly.  As you get back into training here are some important things to remember.

–  Do not feel bad or ashamed of dropping your weights.  Perhaps before your time off you were easily able to through around 65 lbs.  That does not mean that after two weeks off you will still be able to easily throw around 65 lbs.  Be sure to allow your body some to adjust to the intensity of CF.  Incrementally start increasing your weights week after week until you build back up to your previous numbers. Even for advanced athletes, I would highly recommend to stay away from heavy Rx weights in your first couple of workouts back.

–  Reduce your intensity during WODs.  This does not mean, don’t work hard or start slaking.  What this means is that you should take these early days back as a chance to focus on maintaining good form throughout your WOD.  Every WOD completed after your time off step up your intensity.  Begin to start pushing yourself a little harder every workout until you feel comfortable going 100% again.

– Be smart about your training so you are not ONRAMP sore again.  By decreasing weights and focusing on form rather then intesnity in your first days back will help to prevent you from wrecking your body to the point you can’t move for a week.  During your “back at it” time you need to pay close attention to foam rolling and stretching in order to ease some of the muscle soreness that you may experience.  During your time off your muscles may have also started to tighten up and loose some of their flexibility so the extra time spent foam rolling and stretching will help to mobilize your body again and help you regain some of the flexibility lost during your time of inactivity.

So there you have it.  Your time off, may be one week or one month, but no matter how long, be smart as you get back into your training.  Decreasing weights and/or intensity can be hard when you know what your potential is, but not taking these steps can put your right back into the dreaded time off phase.


AMRAP 6 min
1 hang clean
1 push jerk
* every time you drop the bar 10 Burpees

rest 2 min

Wall Ball
* Every time wall ball touches the floor or stops moving 20 Double Unders