WOD Monday, March 4


ATTENTION CONNEX!! We have a lot going on this month. Here is quick run down of the things you need to be aware of.
1) The strength hour is going to be re structured and we are now using that time to work more specifically on developing the technique and strength of our olympic weight lifting movements. This class will include drills and specific programing to help us reach new PRs in the snatch, clean, and jerk. The strength time is not a time for you to come in a get your WOD completed. If you show up during a strength class (Tuesday @ 5:30 and Thursday @ 4:00) you will be participating in the strength workout for that day. No exceptions. If you would still like to complete your wendlers, the time slot of 5:00-5:30 will be used for that.
2) We will be adding the 5:00 am class back to the schedule on Fridays! Lets all give April B a huge thank you for taking on this additional class!
3) Be sure to register for the open. Only three days until the games begin! This is a great event for all CFers! Remember that this is an all-inclusive competition that is designed for all levels of athletes to compete. The games provides every CF box with an opportunity to build community the expands far past our four walls. It is designed to give everyone an opportunity to participate in the most fun aspects of a CrossFit competition. Sense we will be programing the WODs into our weekly programing all you have to do is register and show up for your normal workout.
4) The Shamrock Shuffel is also coming up! Be sure to register for that as well. We have lots of Connex athletes already on our roster so it will for sure be a fun day!
5) This friday (March 8) is Happy Hour WOD! The theme is St. Pattys day! We will WOD at 6:00 and then will move the party to a bar down town to continue our celebration.  Remember that festive attire is a MUST!!

Here is a video that has some great mobility suggestions to prep for box jumps, as well as technique tips.

2 min max pull ups

2 mins per round, 1 min rest between rounds, 5 total rounds
5 hang squat cleans (135/95)
20 over the box jumps
AMRAP of air squats