WOD Monday, March 18


When you first joined Connex you might have thought you were just joining another gym.  That it would be like any other fitness facility that you had been a part of in the past.  One that the most personable interaction that occurred while you were there was between you and the front desk attendant when you swiped your card.  However, I hope when joining Connex you quickly came to realize that this was not going to be like any other fitness facility.  That instead you joined something so much more and something so much greater.   The CF environment is one that encourages more than just a quick “hi” here or there.  It is one that encourages you to talk and listen to those around you.  It is a community where we get to know one another and where everyone cares.  There are many aspects of CF that help to bring us together.  Perhaps it is the fact that we are suffering together through gut wrenching WODs, showing up together early in the AM, running in all sorts of weather conditions, cheering each other on and supporting one another.  Whatever the reason, CF builds all sorts of relationships, but most importantly the kind that cannot be broken.  Great friendships have been made, and continue to be made everyday that we are together.  Being part of a CF community is something very special and something that should not be taken for granted.   I am not sure about you…but I would not have it any other way! : )

12-9-6 (155/115)
Power Clean
Front Squat
*10 Burpees between every bar set