WOD Monday, March 12

So we are one week into the open and what a great start!  All of our athletes did a faboulus job.  We still have a long road ahead of us, so hear are some tips on how to approach the next several weeks of the CrossFit Open.

1. It should be fun- No matter what happens in these next several weeks always remember that the CrossFit open should be fun. If this is your first time doing a CrossFit competition its an easy way to get your feet wet and have a good time with the support of the people at Connex. If you have competed in the open before, continue to use these next several weeks to step up your game and measure your improvement from years past.

2. Be your Best- Focus your expectations on achieving scores that are YOUR personal best. It is easy to get caught up in the scores and leader board. But you must not measure your success by the scores of others around you. If this was your first time running a marathon you wouldn’t expect to set a new world record, CrossFit is a sport that takes a lifetime to master, so don’t let other people’s scores change your perception of your own performance. What you must do is go into a difficult workout with the expectation of pushing your body harder than you thought you could.

4. Be Safe and Be Smart- This is your first time doing the CrossFit open make sure you are safe. If you are presented with a skill that you have not mastered yet, be sure to ask one of the coaches for some extra instruction before just jumping right in. Also, be sure to listen to your body. Yes, we encourage you to fight the rep, achieve new PRs, but not at the expense of injuring your body.

5. Be Proud- No matter what your score is, if you did your absolute best be F-ing proud of yourself. The CrossFit Open is competition that is designed to be difficult. It is designed challenge the world’s most elite athletes. If you were brave enough to simply participate in the open you should already be proud of yourself. And if you have given every WOD your absolute best, then even more reason to be proud of yourself!

6. Maintain a regular training schedule- Yes, the Open is an opportunity for you to try and do your best at each workout, and yes, you do have the chance to complete the WOD as many times as you would like between Wednesday night and Sunday. However, it is equally important to maintain a regular training schedule to keep your body and mind in the best condition possible. Don’t let the Open WODs deter you from the “constantly varied” aspect of your CrossFit regime –it’ll be troublesome both mentally and physically.

7. Be prepared: Before you take on the workouts, prepare yourself: Take a rest day or an easy day the prior to tackling the WOD, mobilize, mentally take yourself through the workout, be hydrated, and pre-fuel properly. Give yourself every possible advantage to ensure that your effort is your very best.

8. Be a Great Sport- The Open is about building community through support and encouragement. Cheer on the people around you, no matter their level, experience or score. Be the type of person that you would want on your team.

We still have 4 more workouts Connex. Attack every WOD with the same intensity and spirit with which you completed 13.1

Our 11:30 lunch time crew!
Our 11:30 lunch time crew!

EMOTM for 7:00
4 Deadlifts @ 75% 1 rep max
10 Clapping Push ups

WOD- For Time
21 OHS
42 Pull ups
84 Bar hops

15 OHS
30 Pull ups
60 bar hops

18 Pull ups
36 bar hops