WOD Monday, 25


This week we are giving you all a taste of what it is like to truly be ready for the unknown and unknowable.  No cherry picking your WODs this week.  Today and every day tis week, all WODs will be TBA!  Be ready to step into the gym with the mindset of no matter what is up on that white wash board, you will rock it!

Also!- Great work on 13.3 this past week.  We had many PRs and some first time MUs.  Seeing all the progress and athletes reaching goals is what the open is all about.  If you had some sort of PR this week or accomplished a new skill, for example a PR on Karen, unbroken DUs, got your first MU, please share in the comment section below.  Don’t be shy! You guys all did awesome and lets be sure to celebrate it.  No matter how big or small the PR, it is a PR!  “don’t confuse small with insignificant”– Joel Osteen

Now bring on 13.4!

WOD- TBA : )