Rest Day, Thursday March 28


Rest day/ Make Up/ Active recovery (PiYo @ 5:30)

PiYo is extremely beneficial for athletes of all levels.  PiYo works on strength, flexibility, balance, agility, endurance, core, and overall strength, among other things that helps athletes reach peak performance. Any athlete could benefit hugely by adding PiYo to her or his training regimen. Here’s more details on a few of the perks:

Strength: It helps you develop the strength of holding your own bodyweight.  This type of strength is important and one improves through practice.

Flexibility: Practicing PiYo increases flexibility and ease of movement, therefore increasing range of motion. In particular, athletes in sports that require swinging action (tennis, golf, etc.) can benefit greatly. Flexibility in general also helps to prevent injury.

Balance: Balancing poses in PiYo improve overall balance in everything you do, preventing falls and injury.  When you learn how to be soft and go with the flow, you can more easily bend and are less likely to break or fall over.

Endurance: The endurance that the ease of PiYo gives you lends to endurance sports like running, triathlons, and Iron Mans. When you learn to tune into your body and mind, everything can be a meditation—sports included. PiYo also helps you learn how to pace yourself: slow and steady, in it for the long haul.

Core: Almost everything you do in PiYo works on your core strength. Strong core equals a healthy back and a healthy body.

Stability: PiYo helps strengthen all of the little stabilizing muscles that people tend to miss in other physical workouts and are vital in protecting your joints and spine (among other things).

Recovery: PiYo also helps put athletes back together after injuries. Again: You’re tuning into your body and giving it the care it wants and needs. It also elongates all of the muscles that athletes spend so long contracting, so it is a great counter-action.

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