Rest Day, Thursday March 21


Rest Day/ Active Rest (PiYo @ 5:30)/ Make Up WOD

First off, some of you have mentioned wanting to get involved with a running club.  There are many all over Madison that have weekday and weekend runs.  One that has come highly recommend from Lindy is November Project.

Here is their website:

Second, we have been busy working with underground printing to get a clothing order ready.  We are going to be ordering headbands, hoodies, Ts and tanks.  Here are the stats on all of it

T shirts- 20$, Grey, Unisex American Apparel
Tanks- 20$, American Apparel (order small size then you might normally go)
HeadBands- 12$, Black with white shield, Neon Green with Black shield
Hoodies- 40$, Unisex

This is how it is going to work. If you would like to order any of this you will need to pre pay for all of your desired merchandise. You will do this by putting your money (cash or check) in an envelope. On the envelop you will specify exactly what you would like. Size, quantity, and color in reference to the head bands.

Here is an example of how this might look.
Emily Yates
Hoodies- 1 Small, 1 XL
Head Band- 3 Black, 2 Green
T Shirt- 2 small, 2 XL

All money needs to be at the box before March 29 to be included in the order.
This stuff is going to look great so be excited!