Rest Day, Thursday March 14

Rest Day/ Make Up WOD/ PiYo @ 5:30

Attention: We have decided to switch up the plan and program the Open WODs for Friday. I know that we had originally said Saturdays, but after seeing how many Connex folks want to get these WODs in, we think it would be be better to not overload the one Saturday class. If you are a games athlete and you can not make it in on Friday, you can still complete the WOD on Thursday or worse comes to worse, on Saturday. It may just be a little crowded on Saturday.

Also: We are super eager to get you guys outside. So I encourage you all to start watching the weather. Although I am starting to feel like it will never get warm again, if it is warmer then 45 degrees there is a big possibility that some portion of class will be outside. So make sure you dress appropriately. Our CF endurance folks be ready to take it outside 40 or higher!