WOD Tuesday, February 19


So our 30 days is coming to an end.  Today is our last full official day of our Paleo Challenge.  Some of you may be wondering what to do now.  You may be wondering how to ease back into your “normal” life, or what foods you want to splurge on once the restrictions are over. First off, here are some questions I encourage you to ask yourself before you go all out in celebrating of the end of the challenge:

  • How do you feel now that you’ve changed your nutritional life style?
  • How do you think you’ll feel if you eat something you estimate is less-than-healthy for you?
  • If you think you’ll feel less-than-optimal, how long will that feeling last and will it be worth it?
  • Do the positives of staying paleo out whey the energy and time it took to prepare and plan?

Ultimately it’s up to you to choose what and how often you’ll add certain foods back into your regularly scheduled food programming, but considering the above questions is a good idea. When adding foods in, do so in moderation.  Choose one thing to add in a week and see how your body reacts to it.  After these 30 days you are already much more mindful about your nutritional habits and much more aware of how good you body can feel.  Use this awareness to help you find out what foods trigger negative reactions.  I would also suggest finding something that will help you to maintain this mindfulness even without the rules and restrictions of the challenge.  Perhaps you get a subscription to paleo magazine so you remain informed. Or sign up to any one of the paleo gurus websites like  Robb Wolf’s is also a great idea – they have daily emails, articles and posts delivered directly to your email inbox!  Find ways to remind yourself of the positives of healthy eating.

Great work and congrats to all of our challengers!

Press 3-3-3
Push Press 3-3-3
Push Jerk 3-3-3

2 rounds- 3:00 minutes to complete given reps. Your rest will be the remaining time on the clock.
3:00 minutes to complete 150 double unders
3:00 minutes to complete 40 wall balls
3:00 minutes to complete 30 ground to overhead (115/75)