WOD Monday, February 18


Front squats are a critical movement to develope for anyone looking to advance there olympic lifting potential.  Front squats are an excellent way to build leg strength as well as core strength. Front squats place a huge demand on the anterior side of the body to stabilize and keep the torso erect.

A few things to help you increase your front squatting potential:

Flexibility – this is first and foremost cause if you don’t have the required flexibility to properly perform this movement then your going to be missing out on a lot of weight that could be on that bar. Of course with any squatting always mobilize the hips and calves and more specifically with front squats we need to mobilize the wrist and lats in order to achieve an optimal front rack position. After you got the flexibility down it’s a piece of cake!

Elbows Up – When focusing on keeping your elbows up it will help to assist the body in keeping a vertical torso and help to fight core collapse.

Heels Down – With the bar in the front rack position that already puts the weight more forward than in a back rack postition so putting a little extra attention to keeping the weight in the heels can really help your front squat if you often find yourself tip-toeing around.

Knees Out – The is a cue thats stretches across multiple lifts and the front squat is no exception. Driving the knees out helps to stabilize the knee joint better as well as helps to distribute the forces throughout the leg more evenly. And you might not have guessed but it even helps vertical torso positioning.

15 minutests to find 2 rep max front squat

10 minutes- OMEM 1 squat clean + 1 front squat (175/115)
with remaining time in the minute complete AMRAP burpees