WOD Wednesday, January 23


Wrist mobility seems to be a big issue for many of us, but is something that with a little work can improve and make our CFing experience much more enjoyable.

Here is a list of wrist exercises that you can do at home or at the gym before you WOD to help with wrist mobility.

1) Wrist Rotations. Make a fist with and move your wrists around in every possible direction.  Think about drawing the biggest circle or longest line you can by only moving your wrist.  If you feel a position that is that is tender/limited, hold this position for a few seconds. This is a good drill to repeat often throughout the day.

2) Planche Push Up Position. Get into a plank position (elbows fully extended at the top of the push up). Turn your hands inward so your fingertips are pointing toward your toes. Keeping a rigid torso, shift your body forward so you have an angle from your shoulders to wrists. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds (or as long as you can bear) and repeat. If this is too intense, drop down to your knees and complete.

3) Front Squat Rack Position. If this position is bothering you as you front squat, chances are you need to get your wrists working through the range of motion required for a front squat. It is not your wrists holding the bar in place, it is your shoulders but . . . you need good wrist mobility to get that heavy bar sitting correctly on top of your shoulders. Load a bar on a desired rack setting. Set up in a rack position, with your elbows pointing as far forward as possible and weight sitting on your shoulders. Pick up the bar and rotate your elbows forward, then re rack the bar. Repeat this process until you see a change in your rack position.

4) Static Holds. Pull your wrist back into extension and/or flexion and hold for at least 20-30 seconds.  Again this is another great one to do throughout the day.

5) Wrist Walks. Place your palms on a wall, with your arms straight and fingers pointing to the ceiling. Keeping contact with the wall, walk your hands down the wall. Go as far down as possible without letting your palms come off the wall. Once you reach the point where you can’t walk your hands down any farther, turn your hands around so your fingers are now pointing to the floor. Walk your wrists back up the wall as far upward as possible. Repeat as desired.

6) Check Your Keyboard. Get your wrists in a neutral position when typing! Check out Invictus extraordinaire

12 rounds
12 push ups
12 pull ups
12 push press (95/65)