WOD Saturday, January 26


The CrossFit Games are Upon Us!!!

The Games season is a three-stage journey. The first step is the Open, a worldwide, inclusive, five-week competition that kicks off March 6 and will wrap up April 7. During the “CrossFit Open”, a new workout is released each week.  Athletes have several days to complete the workout and submit their scores online.  The Open is designed designed for CrossFitters of all ability and skill levels. Each of the five posted workouts is designed to challenge the athlete both mentally and physically. For the seasoned or elite athlete, each WOD is a test of their training, to see how they measure against the best around them; for the novice athlete, or even just the weekend warrior, the workouts provide the individual athlete with an opportunity to accomplish feats they once thought were unheard of or impossible, ranging from improvements in strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, etc.

The top athletes from the Open in each of the 17 regions around the world will qualify for the second stage of the competition — Regionals, a three-day, live competition.  The season culminates in the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games. At the Games, thousands of participants will be whittled down to around 100 of the fittest men and women in the world.

What is important is to see the games as an opportunity to test your strength, your endurance, and mental toughness in many ways.  Aside from its physical and mental gains, participating in the Open is fun. The atmosphere at CFC will be buzzing with nervousness, but also excitement. It creates a competitive push for our entire community that gives a level of camaraderie that can only be forged in competition. Everyone at gym wants to see you succeed and feeling that sense of community only drives athletes to perform better.  We encourage everyone to consider registering for the open!  This is an amazing even to be apart of and for sure is not to be missed.

Important Dates for the CrossFit Games

January 30- Registration for the CrossFit Open begins
March 6- The First WOD will be released
March 7- Last day for submitting final WOD