WOD Monday, January 21

Today is the first official full day of the Paleo challenge.  Good luck to all of the challengers!  This is going to be a great 30 days for all of us.   For those of you who are participating and have not taken care of all of your pre challenge tasks please get to the box today to get that all knocked out.  This includes:
– Pre WOD – 1 min of DL @ body weight, 5 min AMRAP
– Measurements
– Before photos
– Payment- 25 dollars which can be taken care of online!

The sooner you can get this stuff taken care of, the better.

As we begin this challenge here are some tips that will help you stay focused and successful throughout your day.

1. Identify foods that may be a trigger for you and stay away. For example, a bread basket is a trigger for me. I am going to try and avoid Italian restaurants where bread baskets are the norm.

2. Surround yourself with paleo. Make it a constant in your day. Surround yourself with paleo foods, books, blogs and people.

3. Gather a support group. We have already helped you with this part but it is now your turn to use it. You have put you in teams and you have hopefully joined the Connex Goes Paleo page on FaceBook. Use these resources as often as possible.

4. Continue Educating yourself. Even if you went to the meeting or have done paleo before, continue learning about the lifestyle. The whys and hows, recipes, lifestyle tips and such.

5. Learn to say NO, THANK YOU. Through these 30 days you will be presented many opportunities to “cheat.” Be confident with yourself and your paleo practice and simply say “No, thank you.”

6. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a moment of weakness. All these changes are hard at first, and instead of beating yourself up for a cheat, see the next meal as opportunity to make the healthier decisions. After your cheat take a minute to identify what triggered it and try to strategize how to avoid it in similar situations.

7. Through these 30 days adopt an attitude of progress not perfection. We are all learning through these 30 days and we will not always make the perfect choices. However, we will continue to learn and adapt to this healthier way of living.

8. View yourself as a warrior. This means that before you put yourself into a situation take a minute to assess possible pit falls and be prepared to defend your food boundaries. You do not need to explain or apologize to those around you for your Paleo food choices.

9. Thank the people around you who are supporting you through this journey. Understand that others around you go through a transition too when you go Paleo. Let them know how much you appreciate their support and how their support is helping you to succeed.


2 deadlifts @ Body weight every 15 seconds for 3 min

7 min AMRAP
12 lateral burpees
9 back squats (155/115)
6 push jerks



For those of you who may still be interested in participating in the Battle for the Cup down in STL, there are still a couple of spots left in the SCALED Mens and Women’s division! Jump on them! It is going to be a great weekend of CF!  We already have  a big hotel room arranged for bunking and we will be carpooling down there.  So you wont have to worry about arranging travel.  There are 7 of us from Connex there representing and I would love to have more of us there!

This is the website where you can register.   http://www.battleforthecup.com