WOD Friday, January 25


CrossFit is awesome for so many reasons.  It makes us stronger, fitter, faster, and overall healthier individuals.  But one of the best elements of CF, that often only CFers know is true, is the confidence it can give you.  CF builds stronger characters by helping us gain self confidence through the big achievements that were initially beyond ones wildest beliefs.  And this confidence that is gained does not only effect that single individual.   One athletes confidence will help build another, one athletes attitude towards succeeding will drive and motivate other athletes. It is the commitment and belief that is witnessed by those around you that will help others to achieve the same as you.

But where does this start?  It starts with each of you encouraging each other to be better, better than you can possibly believe yourself to be.   CF is such a unique sport in that it is the only competitive sport where your very competitors encourage you to go that extra rep, who cheer you on and guide you to be better.    What other training facility are you surrounded by peers who are all helping to motivate you to be the best you, you can be.

For many people CrossFit is out of their comfort zone, scary, daunting, and overwhelming.  You would be lying if you said you were not at all intimated at some point during your CF experience.  We have all been there!  Kief and I often look back at photos of when we first began CF.  We are quickly reminded by how difficult things were at the beginning and still are.  For weeks/months I felt out of my comfort zone when at CF.  It all felt so hard, and I felt so far away from where I wanted to be.  With the support and encouragement from my fellow CFers I was able to step out of that comfort zone.  Thank goodness for my peers, for without them I would have stayed in that safe comfort zone and  stifled my own ability to grow as a CFer, in self-belief and in confidence.

Next time you are at CFC to train I want you to believe in your own self power.  Step into the gym with a positive approach to your own training, as well as supporting the training of those around you. Remember that the encouragement you need in order to believe that you can do it, is the same encouragement that those around you need.


8 min AMRAP (Kev’s WOD)
20 DU
5 Squat Cleans (135/95)

6 min AMRAP (Practice Makes Perfect!)
5 Burpees
5 Box Jumps

4 min AMRAP #3
10 Med Ball Cleans
5 ring dips

* 3 min rest between AMRAPs