WOD Friday, January 18

Ringing the PR Bell!!!


As athletes and CFers we all have different goals that we want to achieve through CF.  Every day you step into the box is a part of your journey toward reaching those goals and becoming the  fittest, strongest, and healthiest you.  As you travel on your journey you should find enjoyment in your accomplishments and celebrate the success of achieving goals, may they big or small, short term or long term.  Celebration of the journey is what makes the process  fulfilling.

CFC is a community and family and we want to celebrate your success with you.  You may have noticed the bell by the door and wondered what it was there for.  That is our CrossFit Connex PR bell.  The bell should be rung every time you accomplish something new with which you are proud.  One of the best parts of CrossFit is the camaraderie.  And with that camaraderie comes a communal pride in every individuals success.  Ones person success is what helps to motivate and inspire all of us to do, give, and be our very best.  So next time and every time you are at the box and you hit a PR that is meaningful to you, RING THAT BELL!!!! Ring that bell so you can celebrate and so that we can celebrate with you!


The Pre WOD today is our fitness component of our Paleo Challenge.  We will be completing this WOD pre and post and challenge to gauge our progress throughout the 30 days of focused and consistent healthy living.  If you are planning on participating in the challenge please try to make it to the box tonight.  If you are not able to make it friday, you will still have an opportunity to complete the WOD on saturday.


1 min – Max DL @ body weight


5 min AMRAP

500 meter row

5 box jumps

5 burpees