Rest Day Thursday, January 17

When the Coaches are away, the puppies will play!



Rest Day/ Make up WOD/ Piyo @ 5:30

Some of the best things in life are hard.  

When you tell people you CrossFit, I am sure the first thing people say is “Yikes, CF is Hard!”  But we know that CF is not hard.  The words that we use to describe CrossFit is fun, challenging, satisfying, community and accomplishment.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not easy.  Waking up at 4:15 to get your workout in is hard.  Heading home early from the party because you are going to WOD in the morning can be hard.  Working out after a grueling WOD the day before and barely being able to move is hard.  Coming to the gym after a long stressful day at work is hard.  Just because something is “Hard” does not always mean you should not do it.  Perhaps that is an even better reason to do it.

The first couple of weeks following the Paleo Lifestyle may be “hard.”  Adapting the way we think about food and fueling our bodies might be “hard.”  Not eating grains, dairy, and sugar might be “hard.”  But just like all those other “Hard” things in life, there is a reason we do it.