Rest Day Sunday, January 20


Rest Day!  Enjoy!

To all of you who are participating in the Paleo Challenge congrats and good luck.  I am so excited for all of you and can not wait to see your transformation, physically and mentally, over the next 30 days.  If you have not already, be sure to get to the store today.  The biggest tip I can give you as you begin this challenge is PREPARATION!  Have a game plan for every day.  It is when you are left hungry and without paleo options that “cheating” becomes a more enticing option.

If you have not done your shopping yet, here are some grocery store tips.

1) Don’t EVER buy junk food.

Even if you are shopping for more then yourself, do not buy cheat food!  If it’s in the house you’ll see it, think about and want to eat it.  Stay away from “splurge” foods even if you think you’ll be disciplined enough to wait until after your paleo challenge is over.

2) Shop the perimeter of the store.

There’s a few exceptions to this tip, but generally you can find everything you need to eat healthy around the outside of your local grocery store: meats, veggies, fruits, etc. The fancy almond flours, spices, and some of the items you may use for cooking will be spotted in the interior, but for the most part STAY AWAY!!!

3) Buy meat in bulk.

When there’s a sale on meat grab an extra item. Look for sales ahead of time. Occasionally grass-fed meat goes on sale and it’s good to buy a few extra packs when it is on sale.

4) Be sure to read labels.

Just because you are at Whole Foods does not mean it is healthy! : ) Read the labels.  There are many products that “claim” to be paleo that are NOT!  Don’t fall victim to marketing.

5) Plan ahead.

Like I said earlier, you can not over prepare.  Before you ever step foot into the grocery store it’s a good idea to already have meals planned out. That way you’re not just buying random foods that you may or may not be motivated to cook. Having a menu helps. It focuses your shopping trip down to the necessities.

6) Have fun with spices.

To really add variety to your paleo menu, you’ll want to have options on how to prepare your meats and veggies. People often complain about getting bored with the same old meat dish. If you buy new spices occasionally and really fill out your spice rack you’ll have an endless variety of flavors and tastes at your disposal!

7) Don’t go to the store hungry!

The worst impulse buys come when you have no plan and when you’re hungry. Eat before you shop.

Good luck and have fun!