Paleo Challenge


All those holiday gatherings catch up to you? Feeling a little sluggish? Realizing that there were a few too many “cheats” lately? Come find out how to tune-up your metabolism and get some pep in your step again.

The foundation of CrossFit’s Fitness pyramid is NUTRITION. This means that all other training develop is affected by how your body is fueled!

At our Paleo Challenge kick off meeting we will show you how easy it is to optimize your food choices by following a few simple guidelines. And after we’ve given you the how and why, we’re going to supply the motivation and support needed to get you started. Enter the CrossFit Connex clean eating Paleo challenge!

Participation in the challenge is 25$.  Money will go toward the winners prize.  Participation in the Paleo Challenge is NOT required (just highly recommended).

Saturday, January 19 – CFC

CFC Paleo Challenge:
Starts Jan 21 – will last 30 days