January Athlete of the Month- Congrats Alex S.

Congrats Alex S!


Section 1: A little about you

1. What are your favorite hobbies, talents, skills outside of CrossFit?
I love to cook, homebrew, ski, rock climb, read, hike. Oh and sleep- I love sleep.
2. What motto or phrase do you live by?
Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
3. What is something we might not know about you ?
I love dancing. I was vice-president of colleges Latin dance team.
4. What is your favorite music to listen to while WODing?
Anything with a good beat and fast pace, but my favorite workout song is I’m Shipping Up To Boston by The Dropkick Murphys
5. What recent adventure are you planning?
Going to the magical land of New Haven, CT in February. But actually starting to think about/trying to plan getting my CrossFit level 1 cert.
6. Do any of your family members CrossFit? If so, where?
No immediate family, but I’m trying. My girlfriend and her family CrossFit at CrossFit Ridgefield, which is always good motivation to work hard.
7. Where are you originally from?
Croton on Hudson, NY- half hour north of NYC.
8. What is your occupation?
Tech Services Analyst for Epic .
9. What is your athletic background?
Polevaulted for 2 years in high school. Rowed for 3 years between high school and college.
Section 2: Some CrossFit Basics 
1. How long have you been with CrossFit Connex?
About 4 months now- goes by quick
2. What is your favorite WOD?
I’ve really enjoyed the WODs that have several short AMRAPs- I was always a sprinter at heart.
3. What is your least favorite WOD?
Barbara comes to mind- she’s a b*tch
4. What is your favorite lift?
Power clean or power snatch
5. What is your least favorite lift?
Push press
6. What is your favorite paleo meal/snack?
Homemade trail mix- walnuts, dark chocolate, dried fruit, etc.
7. What is your favorite cheat Food(s)?
Starting the paleo challenge soon so ask me again next week
8. What would your perfect WOD look like?
Three 5-6 min AMRAPs with 10 reps of two movements and a minute rest in between. Any movements work.
10. What is one thing you have done at CFC that you never thought you would do?
Work out in silk Santa boxers… while cheering on someone else working out dressed as an elf
11. What motivates you during a CrossFit WOD?
Everyone else around me, pushing me to do better and be better
12. What do you eat pre/post WOD?
Generally just try and hydrate before a WOD. After, I drink a coconut water and make dinner generally consisting of sautéed veggies and grilled fish/meat.
Section 3- The Nitty Gritty of CrossFit
1. What results have you seen so far in coming to CFC?
I feel better during the WODs. Still feel like I’m gonna die at the end, but feel more energetic, in control, and stronger during.
2. What was you main reason for joining CFC?
I liked the idea of a community-based gym that didn’t rely on equipment to get in shape. I wanted to start a good workout lifestyle and CrossFit sounded like the best fit.
3. Give us some insight as to your thoughts after your first workout at CrossFit Connex?
That was cruel… let’s do it again on Monday.
4. Tell us a little about then VS now in regard to your performances as a CrossFit athlete.
Definitely gotten a lot stronger in areas- bandless ring dips and pull ups- but I still always feel like I’m going to pass out after the WODs. Aside from getting stronger and being able to do more movements for more reps, my drive has also gone up- the results you start to see make you want to work that much harder and see how far you can really go.
5. Do you have any special or successful CrossFit Connex memories/moments?
I got my first muscle-up in the box and had a bunch of great people there to celebrate with. Holly and Em especially were awesome- making me keep trying until I got it.
6. What advice would you give to a newbie or someone just joining CrossFit Connex?
There are no newbies. If you make it through On-ramp or just show up and continue coming, you are a Cfer and you can get through any workout. If you put in the effort, the results will be amazing.
7. What sort of life changes have you experienced because of CrossFit that you didn’t expect?
I always thought of myself as pretty outgoing, but now I feel compelled to always introduce myself to new people, which has been fun. And just the people I’ve gotten to know at CrossFit are some of the most genuinely awesome people around.
8. What does CrossFit mean to you?
CrossFit is more than a gym- it’s a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle with a community that means everything. It’s health, friendship, support, encouragement, camaraderie, and so much more.