Speed Ropes

Some of you have been asking about speed ropes…Which ones to get, where to get them, how much are they?
Here is a list of some sites to check out that carry them.

Rogue – they carry a bunch of different styles. The one you may have used at the gym is the ultra speed cable rope. I would stay away from the beaded ropes, the licorice ropes, the Thai and the foam grip.

Again Faster- https://www.againfaster.com/shop/products/category/again-faster-jump-ropes/

Buddy Lee Jump Ropes- these are a little pricy but people swear by the them!!!

Buy Jump Ropes.net– I use the quad speed cable jump rope and REALLY like it!

I hope this helps anyone who has been considering purchasing a rope. I would suggest it to anyone who has yet to invest in one! It is great to have one of your own for practice at home, travel, and so you do not have to worry about the length of your rope every time you come into the gym.