Coach Patricks’s Birthday Burpee Mile! Saturday, Dec 1

Come one and all fellow Connex folk! It’s that time of year where our Coach Patrick gets just a lil older. To celebrate his birthday we are doing something a little different but a lot awesome! Join us at the Capitol Square on 12/1/12 (Saturday) at 10 AM for the inaugural Birthday Burpee Mile! Dubbed as “The Most Inefficient Way to Travel!”

How it works: Complete one mile of burpees! The only way to move forward is on the burpee broad jump at the end of each burpee. Feel free to do this as a group, individually, or even different distances (if one mile sounds too daunting try a good ole fashioned half or quarter mile). The goal is to come out and have a fun time getting a Birthday workout in! Even if you don’t do the whole mile we’d love as much of a rowdy, Connex cheering section as possible!

The details: We will start on the interior side of the square at Carroll and Mifflin at 10 AM near the Veteran’s Museum. There we will go over the course for the mile and get started! Be sure to bring something weather appropriate as we’ll be outside for The Mile. Also some other items to consider: gloves, knee pads, water, change of clothes.

The best part: Our mile course ends at the doorstep of The Old Fashioned where we plan on getting our afternoon food and drink on!

All are welcome! If you have some Connex colors or gear try to wear it to get our name out in the Square! Otherwise let’s make this a great turnout for a wicked good time! This is Patrick’s Birthday wish, let’s make it come true!