Rest Day Thursday, October 4

A little post WOD after Kief’s bike ride to the gym. CrossFit – training for the unknown and unknowable 🙂

Rest day/make up wod/active rest (Mobility @ 5:00 & PIYO @ 5:30!)

As CFers we are constantly beating up our bodies to get fitter, faster, and stronger.  The hours spent working out, lifting heavy, pushing hard are important.  The hours of grueling WODs are crucial to our success and development, however we are not able to progress without the time spent working on body maintenance.  In order to continue doing what we do, we must be sure to take care of our bodies and help them prepare for WODs and recover from WODs by stretching and mobilizing.  Tomorrow we are offering two separate classes that provide Connex athletes with the tools necessary to stretch, message, and relax our bodies.  Mobility @ 5:00 & PIYO @ 5:30!

You take care of your bodies by coming to CF, be sure to say thank to that strong body for all its hard work!