WOD Wednesday, September 26

Connex inspired Converse!

3×10 pull-up
3 second hold at top of each pull
1 min rest between rounds
400 meter run after rounds

IMPORTANT:  Some of you may have noticed that membership options will be changing, as well as pricing.  These changes will go into effect on October 1 when we begin running the new schedule.  For all current members, your memberships will stay the same until their given expiration date.  Once your current membership expires you will be shifted over to the new system.

The first change to membership and rates is that we will no longer be offering a 3x week membership. Instead there will be an option for a 12 VISIT punch card.  This card will have a 2 month expiration date.  By visit we mean that you are welcome to stay for multiple classes in one single visit to the box.  For example, if you would like to CrossFit and then participate in PiYo you would be welcomed to stay for both classes and only use one visit of their punch card.  If athletes purchase another card before their current one expires they will receive 10% off their purchase.  This punch card system will allow athletes to not miss out on payed for classes when ones schedule does not permit them to make it the box.  Athletes will have the flexibility to visit the gym as many times in any given week when schedules permit.

The second change is that we have slightly  increased the unlimited rates.  This increase is allowing us to expand the programs offered at the box.  Along with CrossFit and CrossFit Strength classes we will also be offering CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Mobility, Foundations, and PiYo classes.  These classes are going to help our community to become stronger, fitter, and more skilled CrossFitters.  For more information on class descriptions and hours please visit http://www.crossfitconnex.com/schedule/.

Please feel free to contact us at crossfitconnexwi@gmail.com with any questions.