WOD Saturday, September 29

3 rounds – teams of two, one partner working at a time
30 ground to overhead
50 box jumps
70 KBS
200 meter run

What is CrossFit Mobility?

Tight hips, lack of shoulder mobility, and all other muscle/joint/connective tissues/motor control imbalances can prohibit athletes from being able to perform movements and exercises correctly or to their full potential. The good news is, athletes can fix these issues by participating in CrossFit Mobility!   CrossFit Mobility is a CrossFit Mobility focuses on mobilization of the body.   It is a movement-based integrated full-body approach that addresses all the elements that limit movement and performance.  These classes will provide athletes with unique and innovative methods and exercises to globally address movement and performance problems.  Benefits of increased body mobilization include: Increased work capacity, improved technique, injury prevention or helping to resolve current injuries.