Rest Day Thursday, September 27

Rest Day/Make up WOD/Active rest

Some of you may be asking yourself what is this new PiYo class that has been added to the schedule?  This might answer some of those questions!

PiYo™ is a fusion class that combines yoga poses with pilates mat exercises to build core strength and enhance agility and balance. In the class, you will learn movements that elongate muscles, develop core strength, release tension, improve flexibility and posture, along with some relaxation.

So why combine PiYo and CrossFit? How many times have you wanted to get further down into a squat, but couldn’t because of your “tight” hips? One of the main benefits of PiYo is flexibility through elongated muscles, which would make those squats easier to achieve. Most people don’t start attending yoga or pilates classes because they are already flexible, they go to get the mobility and flexibility back into their body. So come try it out and take advantage of the benefits in your next WOD.

J.J. putting his functional fitness to the test!