Tough Mudders the Time is NOW!


 AJ has volunteered to help plan the logistics of the Tough Mudder weekend.  If you could please email here ASAP that would be great!  Those of you have emailed with your answers to the questions, I did forward your responses on to AJ, but please be sure to follow up with her as well.

We need a group email list and a tally of who all is on our team so email me your name and email address so we can figure out some things (…
I’ve been doing some research on places to stay after Tough Mudder on Saturday night and what I really need to know from the group are the following things…
  1. How many people are in for staying Saturday night?
  2. Hotel rooms (limited options) or camping (hot showers are availabe at campground but might have to wait for them as I’m sure lots of Tough Mudders will be staying there)
  3. If hotel is preferred, stay in nowhere-ville Wisconsin/Minnesota with other Tough Mudders (where the event takes place) or drive 35 minutes to downtown Minneapolis to go out.
Please send me your email address ASAP so we can get a conversation going and get this figured out before all the hotels/camping sites are gone!  We can also talk more about the shirts and driving plans once the email list is made.
Saturday, May 5th
@ 12:00 noon
We are planning another Tough Mudder get together on Saturday May 5th!  It will be held after the 11:00 CrossFit class. Be sure to save the date!  : )