The results are in! LADIES WIN!

After a hard fought week the results are in from the first CrossFit Connex Throw Down.  Kief and Emily are so impressed by the effort that was put into every single WOD this week.  It was exciting to see everyone push themselves to reach their goals and to accomplish new PRs!  One lesson that we can all take away from this week is that EVERY REP  COUNTS!

Way to bring it home ladies! Em could not be more proud! : )

Although our throw down is completed, every day you step foot into the box, continue to bring that same intensity and support for one another.  CrossFit is so different and so much better than anything else out there.  It combines gut wrenching workouts, competition, and most importantly camaraderie.  It was clear this week that every athlete gave each WOD their all, but never fail ed to encourage and cheer on a fellow athlete.  The camaraderie that was displayed this week is a testament to the character of each and every CFC athlete.  We want to see each other succeed, as we are all working toward common goals.  The brutality of CrossFit is what bonds us and creates such a positive and supportive community.

Keep up the great work!

If this week brought out your competitive side and you are looking to compete outside of CFC here is the link to the Again Faster Garage Games at Badger CrossFit on June 23.