Attention: Tough Mudder Athletes

Couple of things need to start being discussed…

1.  How are you getting to Tough Mudder?  Who is driving?

2.  Are we going down on Friday or Saturday?

3.  Would you like to stay Saturday night so we can have a place to shower and celebrate after the event?  If so where and how many rooms should we reserve?

4.  Would we like to get together again before the big day?  If so when?

5.  Do we want special Connex Tough Mudder T shirts?  If so how much are people looking to spend on these Ts?  Would any one like to design/and or order them?

All athletes who are registered for this event can you please email Emily and Kief so we can start a mass email to get some of these things figured out.

Nikole is friends with the owner of Apple River Hideaway Camping Venue in Somerset. He has offered for any of you to stay there for free with a free shuttle to the event as well. I thought I would pass that on….