Paleo Challenge Results

After six hard weeks we have our Champions for the first CrossFit Connex Paleo Challenge.  As some of you may remember there were two ways in which to win the Paleo Challenge.

1.  Most improved Fran time
2.  Most improvement in before and after pics

All of our challengers did a great job and saw positive changes in their bodies as well as significant Fran PRs.  Unfortunately we had to pick only two people to win this challenge.


Congrats to A.J. for winning the most improved Fran time.  A.J. took a whopping 4:13 off her pre Fran!  Winning with a 6:46 Fran.  A.J. not only took the diet portion of this challenge seriously, she also showed true commitment and dedication in the gym.  She brought her A game to every WOD and it was clear that she was able to handle the 65# thrusters with ease during her post Fran performance.  Congrats A.J.

Another big congrats to April for winning the most improved before and after pics.  April began the challenge with focus and determination and was able to carry it through all the way until the end.  No matter the day or event April made sure to stay committed to eating Paleo and her hard work definitely payed off.  Her shrinking  waist line and significant strength gains were impressive to see during the six week challenge.  Congrats April!   (no more Lucky Charm dinners for you!)

Both of our winners will be receiving a cash prize of $120.00!

Way to go ladies!